State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC)

Junior League of Monterey County is a member of the Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee, a collective voice for advocating on behalf of our communities at the California State Legislature.

Each year, two delegates from Monterey County are placed with SPAC to be trained on policymaking, community issues, and how to advocate for legislation. In turn, these delegates help educate our members about what they’ve learned.

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

In 2015, Junior League of Monterey County sponsored and successfully passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 34 with Senator Bill Monning, designating September as “Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.” This legislation brought awareness to our community issue – improving children’s health – through our signature project Growing Up Gardens, and was a first step in affecting change at the policy level. Junior League of Monterey County also supported Senate Bill 203 in 2015, authored by Senator Monning relating to sugar-sweetened beverages: safety warnings.

Legislation & Libations

In 2014 and 2015, SPAC held trainings with locally elected officials to educate our members about how to affect change at the policy level. Our members learn about the California State legislative process, where to find information, and how to be successful community advocates.

Meet Your Elected Officials

In 2014, SPAC hosted a “Meet Your Elected Officials” event inviting locally elected officials including U.S. and state legislators, county supervisors and officials, and city mayors to meet their constituents including our members. We welcomed eight officials and their staff to the Monterey Elks Club, and were successful in connecting our members with their leaders.

Involving Elected Officials in Our Work

SPAC delegates have engaged publicly elected officials with our work and the schools we work with through Growing Up Gardens, including: having Assembly member Mark Stone and North Monterey County Unified School District board members join us at a garden work day at Prunedale Elementary School, having Pacific Grove Unified School Districts board members join us at Pacific Grove Middle School, and Marina Mayor Bruce Delgado working in the garden and speaking to our members at Los Arboles Middle School.